Rokstad Power Kincade Fire Convoy

October 30, 2019
– Twenty-five crews left Rokstad Power’s Canadian headquarters to make their way to Sonoma County where they will help manage wildfire damage and repair infrastructure caused by the Kincade fire. In an interview with CBC News, CEO Aaron Rokstad described how the team worked through the night to put a roster together and “gather the troops.” 

Rokstad’s teams will also bring about 80 pieces of equipment to repair burned or damaged power poles, towers and lines.

“Given our work history with U.S. utilities and helping them to recover their infrastructure after hurricanes and other disasters, they know we can rapidly deploy our crews to where they are needed most,” Rokstad told The Canadian Press.

Video footage from City News Vancouver shows the long convoy of trucks bringing 75 employees who will be working in central California, just north of San Francisco.

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