Supplier Diversity

Rokstad Power recognizes the importance of working with Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs) not only in California, but across the US, and is strongly committed to the successful implementation of its Supplier Diversity Policy. Rokstad Power will implement its Supplier Diversity Program in the following ways:

  • Procuring Supplier Clearinghouse qualified DBE companies whenever possible
  • Constantly identify ways to improve the Supplier Diversity Program through customer engagement
  • Always seek new DBE companies to work with when entering new geographic areas
  • Provide mentoring/sponsorship to our DBE vendors
  • Follow a detailed and thorough vendor tracking system to monitor DBE engagement and spend
  • Adhering to a Supplier Diversity Plan that will set achievable goals for DBE engagement
  • Seeking feedback from our clients and vendors for ways to improve our Supplier Diversity Program

We invite any DBE companies to reach out to us with their contact info here:

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