Brucejack Mine


Rokstad Power was awarded a significant portion of the work under the Electrical Construction Services Contract. This program includes a distribution service contract, performing both underground and overhead services for Southern California Edison (SCE) over the following regions: Desert, Orange, Metro East, San Jacinto, Rurals and North Coast.

Rokstad Power is one of four contractors awarded the work for this particular contract.


  • Urban Environment – Rokstad Power serves the distribution needs for SCE in metropolitan areas with higher than normal commercial and residential work scheduling issues. This presents challenges related to traffic control & permitting before work can commence along with congestion.
  • Diversity Spend – The Diversity Spend initiative set forth by the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) with a bench mark of 40% (for all generated revenue) to be spent on a DBE company changes the business thoughts on items such as equipment, tools, and sub-contractors.
  • Administrative Support – SCE has placed Rokstad Power in a position of responsibility regarding items such as quality, materials, scheduling, tasking, invoice submittals, job close-outs, and reporting. These unique challenges are something Rokstad excels at and takes pride in being able to procure the resources it requires to fulfill any contract requirements.

LOCATION: California
CLIENT: Southern California Edison
CATEGORY: Distribution