Client Confidential, Underground Feeder Work

Project Description

Location: British Columbia
Details: Underground Feeder Cable
Completion Date: June, 2013

Rokstad was contracted to complete underground feeder work in various locations in the province of British Columbia.  The work consisted of pulling, splicing, terminating, and retagging of feeder cable. Rokstad was also responsible for grounding, bonding and racking of multiple circuits in manholes (where PILC and XLPE Cables were present).

Crews were required to work in low, medium and high hazard confined space conditions with dangers such as non-fiable asbestos and energized circuits. In addition, the work was conducted in urban areas, requiring coordination of stakeholders and the deployment of additional safety methods.

The project team developed innovative new procedures for working in low, medium and high hazard confined space conditions. Contractors were utilized for traffic control as required, and a comprehensive communication plan was implemented.

The project was completed successfully.