General Cable – South Bay Relocation

Project Description

Location: Chula Vista, San Diego
Details: Cable Installation
Completion Date: April 2016

The existing 138/69 kV South Bay Substation is being decommissioned and replaced with the new 230/69/12 kV Bay Boulevard Substation. Rokstad Power has been contracted by General Cable on behalf of San Diego Gas & Electric to install 230 kV cable at the new substation in Chula Vista, San Diego, USA.

The work includes activities such as dismantling 6 joints in an existing vault, removing cable from the existing vault to an existing cable pole (approximately 285 ft per pull x 6 pulls = 1710 ft), and the removal of 6 terminations, accessories and cable on the existing cable pole. A new 3500 KCMIL copper cable will be installed from the existing vault to the new substation (1450 ft per pull x 6 pulls = 8,700 ft). This project also included the installation of ADSS fibre optic cable from an existing vault to the new substation control house.