BC Hydro – Lytton Arcing Horn & Spacer Damper Installations

Project Description

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Location: British Columbia
Details: 500kV Line Arcing Horn & Spacer Damper Installations
Completion Date: March 2016

As part of BC Hydro’s “replace and prevent” strategy they have enacted an Arcing Horn and Spacer Damper Program. In the arcing horn program BC Hydro and its contractors install arcing horns to protect insulators from being damaged by flash from lightning and switching surges. Damaged insulators will be replace prior to installing arcing horns. The Spacer Damper Program involves replacing existing spacer dampers that have reached their end of life. By doing this, the conductor maintains its bundle geometry and effectively protects the conductor from failing.

Rokstad Power has been selected by BC Hydro to conduct these programs on the energized 500kV 5L41 line from Lytton to Yale, British Columbia. In this area lines are particularly susceptible to damage because of snow loading, wind, and lightning.